Agreement to this waiver of liability is mandatory for anyone participating in a workshop with us.   You will be asked to sign the waiver as stated below at the start of each workshop.

I agree to the following terms in consideration of my participation in this workshop, or any workshop presented by Jessica Snider or her associates.

I am in adequate physical and mental condition and my equipment, clothing, water, and food will be appropriate for a day long workshop which may include sitting and standing for extended periods and walking in the woods. 

I recognize that this workshop involves hazards, both known and unknown, that can result in personal injury, including death, and property damage.

I further recognize that this workshop will teach me skills to identify plants and mushrooms using field guides and other resources, but will not make me an expert

I am aware that some plants and mushrooms are deadly poisonous and I assume full responsibility for accurately identifying any plant or mushroom as edible before I consume it. 

I release, to the fullest extent permitted by law, for myself and my heirs, Jessica Snider and property owners from any and all liability for personal injury, including death, and property damage that arise out of this activity.