About Jessica Wolf


Jessica Wolf is a biologist, photojournalist and sustainability mentor based in Errington, BC.

Saddened by the desecration of our forests, air, water, soils and food supply, Jessica is committed to sustaining herself in ways that nurture life.

She recognizes that food choices have a powerful impact on the world, and works to increase her self-reliance in food, and that of her community.   To this end she grows food, buys from local farmers, and forages from the wild.  As co-founder and past Executive Director of the Nanaimo Community Gardens Society, Jessica has helped others learn how to grow and access locally-grown foods.

Jessica feels passionately about connecting with her roots in nature.  She hungrily seeks knowledge to forage food and medicine from the wild and enjoys practicing primitive living skills such as fire-making with bow-drill friction, constructing forest debris shelters, and basketry.  She is also familiar with more recent technologies for sustainable living, including cob houses, alternative energy sources and organic gardening.

Trained as a biologist at the University of Guelph, she applies her knowledge to create protection for wild places and species – from monitoring the decline of amphibian populations in Southern Ontario, to working for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee to protect endangered Garry Oak meadows and Douglas Fir Forests on Southern Vancouver Island.  In 2002 Jessica received the City of Nanaimo Environmental Achievement Award for her work with Nanaimo Community Gardens.

Over the last few years Jessica has excitedly attended workshops and groups to learn the spiritual practice of non-violent communication proposed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.  She views this practice as one of the most powerful means by which we can enrich our personal relationships as well as transform our communities into ones that serve and enhance life.

Jessica is honoured to share her skills and knowledge with others.  She offers workshops and field trips that nurture people’s connection to the natural world and support them in creating sustainable communities.  She is always seeking new skills and invites the mentorship and companionship from others on her journey of learning and growth.