Buy Shiitake and Oyster Mushroom Logs and Grow Kits


Grow your own mushroom garden.  We make it simple.

Buy a ready-to-fruit  mushroom log, freshly grown in the forests of Vancouver Island BC.

IMG_5852We currently have shiitake and oyster mushroom logs for sale.  Your shiitake and oyster mushroom logs will fruit seasonally and provide you with mushrooms for several years.  Prices range from $15-40 depending on the size of the log.   All logs are reclaimed from sites where the trees are being cleared for construction sites, road building etc.   In the future we will have logs with other edible and medicinal mushroom species as well, such as reishi and chicken of the woods.

We also make oyster mushroom grow kits from local sawdust. You can fruit the bag, or expand the mycelium into many more bags at home.  $20/6lb bag.

IMG_5571Please contact us to see what we currently have in stock, and to find out where to buy them.  We frequent farmer’s markets and also host tours of our mushroom farm site.

To learn more about “How to Grow Your Own Mushrooms”, check out our workshops in the spring.