Unless otherwise specified, my workshops are geared for adults.  I do enjoy mentoring children through guided nature tours and presentations.  Please contact me if interested in booking a private session for schools, home-learners, and family groups.

Often people ask if they can bring their child with them to the adults wild foods workshop.  I do make exceptions, but my preference is that you arrange for child-care when possible.

My main consideration is the experience of all those attending the workshop.  It’s important to me that everyone is able to focus on learning about wild foods.  While children can be a delightful addition, my concern is that a child crying or requiring supervision might detract from the fun, relaxed learning environment for others.

Another consideration is that all of my workshops are offered outdoors, rain or shine.  We might spend an hour and a half seated around a fire looking at mushroom specimens.  When we go for walks, we travel at a snail’s pace, talking about all we see.  It can get very cold and trying on the patience of a young child who wants to run about.

That said, we have shared enjoyable workshops with a child present in the group!  For some the cost of child care was prohibitive or not possible, and a child or babe in arms has attended with their parent.  Also, the occasional youth with a keen interest in wild foods has attended a workshop as a paid participant.

Please message me if you have a special situation you would like me to consider.